Rock & Roll To My Grave

Randal Arsenault

When I die please don’t cry, I’ll be rocking rolling all the way.
— Rock & Roll To My Grave

Canadian singer/songwriter Randal Arsenault's solo music is old school, raw and real, and hinting to the past. Inspired by his vintage acoustic guitar, a number of songs came to life, including the first single to be released ‘Rock and Roll To My Grave’ which was started over 15 years ago. “I always loved the song but I never felt I had enough miles on me to sing it” says Randal, “I feel my old guitar is taking me on a journey back in time, literally and figuratively”.

Randal gathered long time friends to work on a new album: Murray Pulver (producer/guitars – Doc Walker, Crash Test Dummies, JUNO award for Bros Landreth), Justin Kudding (bass – Brett Kissel Band), Darryl Swart (drums/mixing), and Brendan Waters (piano/keys). They recorded live off the floor, with little to no overdubs, and no auto-tune - 'old school'. 

Randal is also the lead singer of the folk/world band Dr. Zoo and has toured Japan, UK, South Africa, and Canada, and released 4 CD’s nominated for 2015 and 2009 East Coast Music Awards, 2009, 2006, and 2003 Music Newfoundland Awards, and 2003 Canadian Songwriting Awards.

Rock & Roll to My Grave is Randal's first solo single, from an upcoming album. “This is a personal musical journey embracing mortality, love of life and music”, says Randal from his home in Alberta. "I recently had a health scare. I am fine. But when life tries to knock me down I make music".

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Bret Kenworthy

Character, like a photograph, develops in darkness.
— Yousuf Karsh

Bret Kenworthy was born in Calgary and grew up in Rockyford, Alberta.  He spent his younger years experimenting with videography and art.  Whether it was producing music videos for local artists, documenting the hometown hockey team or creating artwork for local businesses, he always found inspiration helping bring others visions to life.

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Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.
— Wizard of Oz

Place is inspiration. The village of Dorothy is considered one of Alberta’s classic pioneer communities. It is located 15 miles southeast of Drumheller in the heart of Alberta’s famed Badlands. Its greatest prosperity was in the late 1920s, shortly after a railway line was built. At one time the village had three elevators, a grocery store, a butcher shop, telephone office, restaurant and a machine agency. The school was opened in 1937 and lasted until 1960. The heart of the village was/is two beautiful churches — the United Church (1932 - 1961) and the Roman Catholic church (1944 - 1967). They still stand today, but are gradually being withered away by time and the elements. To visit or for more information click here.